3-layer non woven fabric face mask

fabric: non woven babric, melt-blown non woven fabric EN14683 TYPE Ia BFE≥95% Instruction: 1.Open the inner package. Position the mask on the face with the nose clip up. Pull the elastic strings over the ears and loop the ends around the ears. 2.Slightly bend the nose clip, adjusting it to fit the contour of nasal bridge. Stabilize the nose clip covering the nose and pull the mask downwards wrapping the chin. 3.Check that the mask fits, with the targeted area (from the nose to under the chin) securely covered. Note: 1.Before use, check that the package is intact. Check the production and expiration date to ensure the sterilization remains valid. 2.If the packaging is damaged, do not use. 3.Use it cautiously in those who have allergic reactions to non woven fabric. 4.Discard after use in accordance with local and national regualations. Storage conditions: Should be stored in a dry and ventilated place without corrosive gas. Keep away from the fire source and combustibles.
Features: used to create a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and protential contaminants in the immediate environment.

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